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Things are starting to get tight in both the NHL and the NBA as both leagues move into their semifinal rounds.

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Things are starting to get tight in both the NHL and the NBA as both leagues move into their semifinal rounds. Pretty much anything can happen in the battle for the Stanley Cup as seeding, home ice advantage and being the favorite hardly seems to matter. The NBA title might come down to whether anyone in the East can stay healthy enough to beat the Spurs.

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Monday, May 8
Twins at Rangers (7 p.m., ESPN)
This match-up pits two teams that might stay in the playoff race or might completely implode. Though the Twins lack any real drama (because even if they make the playoffs, they won’t go far), the Rangers have the capability of being a real contender. If they manage to hang in the pennant race, they also may be a player in the Roger Clemens sweepstakes.

Tuesday, May 9
College Lacrosse (Times vary, CSTV/FCS)
The college lacrosse season is winding down, and a variety of league championship games and end-of-season match-ups are airing, today. Though lacrosse may not be one of the big sports, it is violent and entertaining, and college playoff games are nearly always close.

Wednesday, May 10
Red Sox at Yankees (7 p.m., local/satellite)
After pulling out to a quick early lead, the Sox and Yankees are back in almost a dead heat for the division lead. The two games just finished a highly-charged series in Boston that featured Johnny Damon’s return to Fenway, where he was met with a chorus of boos. Expect Damon—as long as he’s hitting—to get a nicer greeting from the New York faithful.

Thursday, May 11
Byron Nelson Classic (4 p.m., USA)
A wide-open tournament, this PGA event was won last year by the relatively-unknown Ted Purdy. This is also the tournament that ended Tiger Woods’ record streak of making cuts, so truly anything can happen.

Friday, May 12
Boxing, Edner Cherry vs. Monty Meza-Clay (9 p.m., ESPN2)
Edner Cherry takes on Monty Meza-Clay in a super-featherweight battle. Meza-Clay has yet to be beaten and has knocked out more opponents than he hasn’t. Still, Cherry’s an experienced fighter, so this should be a real test as Meza-Clay works his way into title contention.

Saturday, May 13
Tennis Master Series in Rome (Noon, TENNIS)
Quarterfinal action featuring the stars from when tennis players actually mattered. Sometimes, the Masters tournaments have better action than the regular tour because the older players come from a time when the money for losing in the quarters wasn’t enough to make it not worth fighting to get into the finals.

Sunday, May 14
Formula One Racing: Spanish Grand Prix (Noon, CBS)
American race fans rarely get a chance to see races in the world’s premier racing circuit. Fernando Alonso holds the overall lead in points and has looked very strong in winning two races this season. Expect Jenson Button, who hasn’t won but has finished in the top 10 in every race, this season, to challenge for the victory.

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